Valentine’s Day Celebrations all around the world 2017

Valentine’s Day is celebrations in all over the world by following the  traditions of different countries in different ways. But all the lovers have some special plans for their life partner but their plans are definitely dependent on their traditions .

Everyone wants to know that the history behind the event of valentines’ day because we want to celebrated this event with the charm of traditions. With February upon us, Valentine’s Day is ideal around the couples.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations in Slovenia 2017

In Slovenia Valentine’s Day celebrated in different ways, The solvencies  can’t forget the plants and animals in their day love. They celebrate the day of love with the happiness of blooming plants. They start their first day of working in fields at the day of love with their partners . February fourteenth is the day when Slovenians have to see the improvement of plants and blooms and they trust that the winged animals of the fields propose to their friends and family and get in a relationship on this day. Most of the Slovenes get marriage on the day of love Valentine’s day.


Valentine’s Day Celebrations in France 2017

It is said that the main Valentine’s Day card send in France Presently, in spite of the fact that cards are still famous, France observes Valentine’s Day principally with fine food. food or dinner is the main purpose of valentines day. They make delicious  food on Valentine’s Dinner. In France they people think that it is the best time to purpose their partner for spend their whole life with you.

valentine's Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day Celebrations in Estonia 2017

Estonia celebrated valentine’s day in totally different method from others, they celebrated valentine’s day as a single person they don’t rely on couples. Everyone have to enjoy the celebrations of valentine’s day even if they are single or married or not. They celebrate valentine’s day with their family or relatives. They also celebrated valentine’s day with friends they send and receive gifts and blessings from their friends. They make their friendship more stronger on this event.


Valentine’s Day Celebrations in  Saudi Arabia  2017

In Saudi Arabia the people are not allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The strict orders are applied by Saudi authority to remove all red color things from all shops. They believe in Islam they said that Islam dose not allow a relationship of girls and boys before marriage. They have introduced some punishment for those who celebrated this event in Sudia Arabia.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations in  England 2017

In unites states the valentine’s day celebrated with allot of happiness. Most of the people express their feeling by kissing their partner publicly. In the United Kingdom Valentine’s Day cards are most important part of celebrating valentines day. everyone gives card to their partner with different quotes.


In the United States and Canada, Valentine’s Day is a to a great degree prominent celebration. Here, the day is seen as an occasion. They celebrate valentine’s day with famous things as cards, new blossoms like rose, chocolates and gifts. Sending gifts on Valentine’s Day is the main idea Most valentine treat boxes are heart-formed and tied with red lace.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations in  Italy 2017

In Italy, Valentine’s Day was once celebrated as a Spring Festival. It used to be held in the outside, where different people come for music party. Italy celebrated all the occasion imported from US, much the same as Halloween, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. The day is gift or blessings mostly by the youngsters who accept this open door to love to their sweethearts. They give gifts like scent, chocolates, blooms, and cards.


Valentine’s Day Celebrations in Denmark and Norway 2017

In Denmark, February 14 is principally a day for the youthful. It’s a period for sentiment and trading of love tokens. Here the celebration is celebrated in an traditional way. Youngsters send to their beloveds a valentine card on this event. They used different costumes to wear for celebrating this event in totally different styles.

Denmark and norway

Valentine’s Day Celebrations in  Japan 2017

They celebrate valentine’s day on different styles mostly people celebrated this event with their partner. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is seen on February 14 yet the festival of love genuinely closes on March 14 known as the “White Day”. Gifting chocolates is the main propose of valentine’s day. japnies like chocolates the most then anything else. In Japan every can impress them by giving them some chocolates. Blessing shops all over Japan are spatially decorated for celebrated Valentine’s Day. Men who get chocolates or blessings on Valentine’s day should give back where its due to the ladies on March 14, after Valentine’s Day. Otherwise called “White Day” this is the time when men are to give back a gift to the ladies who gave them after only a month.


Valentine’s Day Celebrations in  Korea  2017

The Valentine’s Day celebrations in Korea is very much the same as the Japanese. As in Japan, Korea witnesses gifting of chocolates and confections from females to guys. The gift is given back a similar path by the men on March 14, which is known as “White Day”.


And after that there is April 14, otherwise called “Black Day black  day is for day celebrated by those people who are not interested in any relations with anyone. Single peoples celebrated black day with allot of happiness like valentine’s day.


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