11 things you should never do on Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s Day and everyone wants to celebrate this event with his or her lovely partner or gf/bf. May be some of them have no experience about this event or may be some off them never celebrate this event before, the people who don’t have experience and want to celebrate this event with special one without any mistake.

Obviously, my heart is with the single individuals who see red at Valentine’s Day, and not positively. Here are the things I prescribe you do and NOT do on Valentine’s Day.

Sending outdated cards and messages

Send an old fashion Valentine’s card. May be your partner do not like these kind of things. Don’t send outdated quotes or messages as well try to send your heart feeling instead of these.

Valentines Day 2017 Heart

Do not watch dirty stuff

Do not watch dirty stuff with your partner if you have first date with him/her. If you are very frank with your lover, then may be it is positive step to watch things like that. However, remember that if it is your first time them may be your first impression will be very bad for your lover.

Valentines Day 2017 Caution

Play with her dog

If you are going to celebrated your first date on this beautiful event. If you confuse a little bit and just think to love or play with her puppy instead of her for impress her. Then she will never impress by you. Do not thing to try this trick in your priceless time.

Valentines Day 2017 Bull Dog

Send Valentine’s cards to your Relatives

This has turned into a thing. Do not do it. It is odd. Do not send cards to your relatives by this action may be you look outdated.

Valentines Day 2017 Cards

Propose with toys

Propose your partner with toys on this event look so childish and funny. You need to become mature in this Valentine’s Day and leave the toys fashion for schoolchildren.

Valentines Day 2017 Purpose day


Chocolates and candies are most imported gift for this event. However, if your girlfriend is on dieting and you gave her a Chocolate may be she will be rude for this behavior.

Valentines Day 2017 Chocolates

Call your ex

Seeing many couples kissing with emotions. I recall that time he stole blooms since he could not manage the cost of any and we wound up spending Valentine’s night in a police cell.

Valentines Day 2017 call

Do not give too much gifts

You have been given a bundle of blooms and a teddy by your woman and it was super stunning however now you need to get on the tube. Displaying love gifts out in the open is not something to be embarrassed about.

Valentines Day 2017 Gifts

Do not compare with others

You do not have to compare your partner with other one because just think about your partner do not think about others.

Valentines Day 2017 Couples

Do not cheat them

If you truly love your partner, then you have to sincere with them I all ways. Do not cheat them even in fun it is not funny at all.

Valentines Day 2017 Don't Cheat

Hide anger/ attitude

You always have to hide anger and attitude because if you show these kind of things then may be your partner think everything wrong about you.

Valentines Day 2017 Attitude

Do not lie

All of you may be in two or more relations. However, you should be stand by one sincere friend, mostly girls do not like lie so you should reject this manner.

Valentines Day 2017 Lie

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